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get-attached If NECCESSITY is the Mother of invention, then how do those not so essential products, like DRINKWEAR, attachable coasters, become a product that you simply cannot live without? "They will stay with you as you mingle, protect your tabletop, and identify YOUR glass with FLIP FLOP style!" get attached, attachable DRINKWEAR coasters, for the foot of your glass! DRINKWEAR attachable coasters seem as non essential as a "Pet Rock". (look it up)But the originators knew their market. And while not essential, it ticked all the boxes for what the industry needed. So ridiculously innovative, fresh and surprising, that it became the, "why didn't I think of that" product BRAND. The idea was born while at a lovely little beach restaurant in Maui Hawaii, (which just so happens to support another, so called, non essential, idea...a vacation.) Imagine... wine glasses, paper napkin coasters, and magical gust of wind. "BING, BING, BING! That was not the actual sound that began ringing in their ears, but designers/ product development professionals Ian and Carrie Garrard eyes did light up, bright enough to get them through the grueling product development stage. I know what you are thinking, and You are right, they didn't create the concept of beverage coasters, what they did was come up with new inspiring irresistible approach to beverage coasters. Some said that they were just plain smart, they put the "FUN"in FUNCTIONAL. walk-on-the-beach-hero Millions of coasters have been sold, in multiple stores, in multiple countries. Not only the USA, but Australia, Europe, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, and Asia, all seem to agree that, "clever" is the new "necessary". Get Attached! Slip one onto the foot of YOUR glass, it will stick with you while you mingle, protect your tabletop, and identify YOUR glass with style!


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