About Us

Shopping for Carrie and Company products including DRINKWEAR, is just the beginning of the HappEplace story. Please visit us often to see new products and services designed to make you smile at every glance. 
We make lots of cool stuff.   As imaginative people, we thrive on those awesome moments when a fresh concept, unique approach, and every once in a while, a completely wacky idea runs cross the mind.   First just a bit of a spark, an idea brightens through the imaginative and development stages.  Creative energy increases as Branding, Marketing and Advertising strategies are researched, designed and put into motion.  Next, Patent and Intellectual property protection is orchestrated and filed. This is as important to our clients, as it is to us, who also appreciate the value of unique products.   At this stage we often approach a specific company that we have designated as a good fit for the product, and  partner with these awesome manufactures who license our products.  We continue to contribute to the project where needed and work together to source the manufacturing and distribution.  Other times, we are crazy enough to take on the entire project and work to manage the manufacturing, and marketing premier, more directly.  In all cases, Relationships with Manufacturers, Sales Organizations, and Trade Publications are of the utmost importance as we unify and manage the process, in house.   Whether local, or Over Seas, the teammates that we gain become great allies and often times become great life long friends.   These talented and capable contributors, vendors, and sources are as appreciated as are our clients, customers, and you!  
Thank you for your interest in our products and the entire process involved in bringing the spark of an idea to life!  And please, don't be shy,  we thrive on sharing all things creative,  so let us know if you need help achieving your goals and dreams.  We would be thrilled to share the journey with you.
Please stay tuned for the next project premiers that are in development, right this very minute!