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    Posted: Nov 15 2016

    COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS , around your Thanksgiving table, then be sure to share an extra treat with family and friends.GIVE THANKS, and SAVOR THE FLAVOR, with our Thanksgiving leftover packaging! Your guests will count their blessings as the indulge in those tasty morsels that you send home with them. THANKFUL WE, THANKFUL BE!Please visit HappEplace.com, for your free hi res THANKSGIVING printables.

    Posted: Oct 09 2016

    If NECCESSITY is the Mother of invention, then how do those not so essential products, like DRINKWEAR, attachable coasters, become a product that you simply cannot live without?   "They will stay with you as you mingle, protect your tabletop, and identify YOUR glass with FLIP FLOP style!" DRINKWEAR attachable coasters seem as non essential as a "Pet Rock". (look it up)But the originators knew their market.  And while not essential, it ticked all the boxes for what the industry needed.  So ridiculously innovative, fresh and surprising, that it became the, "why didn't I think of that" product BRAND.   The idea was born while at a lovely little beach restaurant in Maui Hawaii, (which just so happens to support another, so called, non essential, idea...a vacation.)  Imagine... wine glasses, paper napkin coasters, and magical gust of wind.  "BING, BING, BING!  That was not the actual sound that began ringing in their ears, but  designers/ product...
  • Cheers to the RED, WHITE, and BLUE!

    Posted: Jun 23 2016

    CHEERS to the RED, WHITE, and BLUE! { with a trendy touch of gold straps, of course! } On the 4th of July, and always, with our families and friends, let's CELEBRATE!       Dress up our tables, (our glasses, of course), our children and their grandmas!   Let's put flowers in our hair,  and because this IS our HAPPEPLACE, let's sing from our hearts, at the top of our voice!  My country tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty,Of thee I sing.Land where my fathers died!Land of the Pilgrim's pride!From every mountain side,Let freedom ring!
  • Give Thanks, with FREE Thanksgiving printables!

    Posted: Nov 15 2015

    Happiness is...HappEplace.com     Its our turn to THANK YOU for visiting us, supporting us, and enjoying our products. Download our free Thanksgiving printables as our free gift to you, because we are thankful for life, love, health, and YOU!   Simply go to products page and click on "Holiday Specials"